Tehzeeb Bakers menu & contact number

The property of Tehzeeb dates back beyond 75 years. The strong originates from the famous historic place Shimla which served the sub-continent. Tehzeeb is fruitful on the grounds that it is resolved to satisfy your most needs and qualities with its quality food. Our identity is the most delicious and best bakery food items such as Pizza, Salads and other stuff. When people look for quality and taste, the only choice they come up with is Tehzeeb. We consider it as our task that will drive us towards our objective.

Tehzeeb deals in fresh and sweet cakes for special occasions! Tehzeeb bakers makes yummiest, fresh and delicious Pizzas, Cakes, Salads, Cookies, Fast food items and lots of other stuff. From small towns to distant locations, millions of people travel long distances to catch up Tehzeeb’s food items. It’s all about the bond that exists among us.

tehzeeb pizza

Tehzeeb Menu: Cakes, biscuits, salad, puff, bread, donut, snacks, pastries.


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Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 051-111-11-2253


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