Top Construction Companies in Pakistan

Construction business is one of the leading business and full of opportunities. contractors get different sorts of projects by constructing roads to buildings and bridges to towers. There are many construction companies who are working in this field with small amount of invest and getting good profit in return.
The construction business is progressing everyday in Pakistan as every year we spend most of our budget in constructing highways and widening the roads. Every year Government announce tenders for constructing something dams, roads or institute where different companies participate to get the contract.
If we talk about the top construction companies in Pakistan there are only few of them who have earned this position.
Construction Companies in Pakistan

Banu Mukhtar Construction Company

Banu Mukhtar logo

The Banu Mukhtar is in the list of a top construction companies in Pakistan with the professional team of engineers and project managers. Banu Mukhtar was established in 1964, they are providing the same quality services and solutions to their clients. From giving opportunities to the youth of Pakistan to reinvesting in technology and finding solutions and foster better careers. they have hired at least one thousand Employees, and have completed thousands Projects.
In 2012 they changed their name from Izhar (pvt.) Ltd to Banu Mukhar Constructing (pvt.) Ltd for continuing their family legacy of giving quality services.

Izhar Group of Companies

izhar group of companies
The Izhar group was established in 1959 by Engineer lzhar Ahmad Qureshi after the 6th decades they are working in different fields of construction business. Izhar Construction is a General Contracting Company providing a comprehensive range of commercial construction services to various business, industrial, institutional and educational sectors. They have finished hundreds of different projects that made them in our list.

ZKB Engineers and Constructors

A construction company that is working from many years with experience of working with clients like National Highway Authority & Capital Development Authority. ZKB have given many opportunity to the Youth of Pakistan and they announce different vacancies every year. They have handled different 150 projects like constructing roads, flyovers and Dams. They have listed in the top list because of the quality work and providing solutions for the nation of Pakistan.

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If you want to start your own business or Construction Company we have shared a brief article about How to Register a Company in Pakistan.


We will try to keep updating the list and try to add some more top rated companies, if you want to suggest us some companies write to us.


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